maandag 21 oktober 2013


Since a couple of days I am addicted. This is the newest song stuck in my mind. Also the music video is amazing. The song is about hope, but the images, about young people stuck in their French rural life, is everything about hope. That makes the imagery so strong. Someone told me the best voice-overs in a film are the ones which tell about something you don't see in the images, because that gives it a double layer, a function in the storytelling.

My friend, who is making a short in Prague, I produced in the beginning of the project, shared this movie some weeks ago, and he has also the same theme of coming to age in a difficult world, where there is not really hope for a better future.

Last weeks, when I was not working for the Film Fest Gent, I directed, produced and co-edited a music video for the competition of GeneroTV and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Visual Okapi made  a music video, called "better days", where an old lady escaping her house in two different meanings of the word, looking for, or going back, to better days. I connect childhood in this project with fantasy, colors and joy. It has a sad part, namely that some things of these better days get lost, when you become old...  Still, a wise man said that who wants to improve, is declared very often crazy. And maybe we all need a bit craziness to find hope for a better future.

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