donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Broomsticks & Bounty's

Daisy Meadows has one sister, called Rosie. Rosie is 5 years older then Daisy. When they were young, they played together with dolls, or wandered around in the forests and fields around their house. They often visit their grandfather, who treated them with Bounty's and other candies. He died when Daisy was ten years old. Cancer.
 When Rosie became 16 years old, she painted her hairs black and told her younger sister she did Wicca. Daisy wanted to know everything about it, but Rosie thought she was too young to get involved in witchcraft or philosophy. Behind the back of her sister, and also her parents, Daisy sneaked in her sister's room, when she was not home, and read her books, and even her diary, which Rosie called her "book of shadows". 

Little Daisy learnt that Wicca is one of the most important maybe one of the most famous- nature relgions which still happens in these centuries. Maybe it is more than a religion. It is also a philosophy, a way of living. It is about spirituality, but also about ecology. Nature, growth, harmony, strength, the connection with Mother Earth... is all celebrated by the new witches of this time. Maybe it is also a bit feminist. Daisy learnt about the origins. She learnt about the three forms of the Godess: the Virgin or Maid, the Mother, and the Crone, each symbolizing a separate stage in the female life cycle or the wheel of the Moon. 

There are 8 sabbats, or feasts. One of the most famous is Samhain, or better known as Halloween. During this night of the year, the veil between our world and the empire of the dead is the most thin. It is also the New Year, the feast of endings and beginnings, a time to stop mourning, and to forget bad memories, and keep the memories which make you stronger. The new year starts with the night, with the darkness. In ancient times, people counted winters and nights instead of days and summers, because in dark times you can grow the most, they believe.

Witches put extra plates on the table, during the dinner, with their favorite meal, and placed candles at the windows, so they beloved dead ones could find back their way home. They were not afraid for death. 

Also Rosie placed candles in front of the windows. Daisy asked her why, and after a small pauze, Daisy explained that maybe their grandfather would return.
"We need to get him back," she said.
"Is that why you became a witch... to get him back alive?" little Daisy asked. "Is that not dark magic?"
"No, of course not," Rosie said. "Will you help me?"

That evening Daisy put some bounty's on the window sill. She was disappointed when she found it back the next morning. 

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