dinsdag 26 november 2013

Divine Images

“What would have happened if the aesthetic standard of our society had belonged to the collective unconscious of the great artists of the past?” the Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano wondered. 
She took famous classic nude beauties of art history, and photoshopped them, like these pictures were going to used for advertisements of covers you'll find nowadays. There are standards in the world, accepted, about female beauty. These standards weaken the woman a lot, because it makes a difference between women. You cannot be beautiful if you attain these standards. Is it healthy? Is it possible for every women to become like the photoshopped ideal? 

It is kind of interesting to know how standards can poison the self-esteem of many women. I don't want to describe myself as the ideal or perfect woman, in all my Belgian modesty, but... sometimes I wonder why not. I look more to the left woman than the right. In some periods I would be the muse of many artists. Do I just have bad luck I am born in the wrong period? 

Since childhood I look to much into the mirror, trying to change myself, my body, in something else, something others want to see. I did a lot of sports. I had a period I ate only fruits for breakfast. And I lost weight... but still, even I had a more healthy BMI than ever, got a good physical condition, I thought I was too fat. The Romans had this expression: Mens Sana in Corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body. It can go both ways. Even if you have a healthy body, a beautiful body, you still can feel miserable, and weak, and ugly, because the mind is tricked. It is maybe weak to let my mind trick me, but if you already as child are brainwashed by all the stereotypes of beauty you see on magazines, television, films... you wonder why so many women are feeling bad, and ask their husband -as in this famous cliché- or their ass looks to fat in this dress. 

Two years ago I went to Thailand, in a period when I I felt bad about my own body, my relationships, or the lack of relationships... also partly because I got recently dumped by a guy which I thought was going to be someone more. I went to Koh Phangan, and decided to take yoga, because "yoga people all look so happy, and ... he... maybe this can help me to make me stronger and happy, you know".  
I promised myself to subscribe for the closest yoga center in my neighbourhood. When I came back from the 7/11, with my bags full of groceries, I bumped into a notice board of a yoga school. I came closer, and my mouth felt open... when I discovered it was a tantric yoga center, and ... more... they were going to give a tantric sex workshop of a week about 2 days. I hesitated in these 2 days, because... is this not bad for a Catholic prude girl like me... but on the other hand... nobody knows me. So, in the last moment, I went to the yoga school and attended the lectures and yoga classes. Don't expect stories which would even blush Samantha from Sex and the City. It was more innocent. One of my big eye-openers was the quote of the lecturer that many women forget to really watch to classic paintings where goddesses, the ultimate beautiful women, are portrayed. Aphrodite, Venus... are not models with size 0, no, they have curves, and love-fat. They are mothers of Eros,  and still thousands of men, from beggars via artists to kings, worship them, because... this woman is a goddess, and knows everything about love, her fertility, desires... and uses what she has to gets what she wants, and Aphrodite, if you know your Greek myths, she mostly gets what she wants. 
Real beauty cannot be captured by physical features, because they change according to the standards made by time and culture, but real raw beauty you can find in any woman who founds divinity in who she is, and knows how to use it. 

So... for me both paintings, the one with the more curvy woman, or the more slender lady, are both beautiful, in a different way divine. 

source inspiration: Flavorwire 
source pictures: Anna Utopia Giordano  

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