donderdag 28 november 2013

Travumentary: to inspire, not to educate

A friend and I left Belgium for 2 weeks to explore Israel, a place which inspires many people, looking for answers, and also ended up in Jordan, totally not planned.

I documented this travel, not to tell a story, or to give the answers I found, just to let people feel my experience, because visuals can say more than billion words. It is also an invitation to find your own story or answers.

Documentaries record events, facts... with the purpose to educate people. Travel promo films have the  purpose to make from people tourists, while I don't want people to be tourists, and look at cultures and countries as a far-from-their-bed-show. I also don't want to force a belief, or some facts... on people, because I think every person can educate himself. There is some freedom in real education.
So... I made the concept of Travumentary.

I wouldn't call this a documentary, or a promo film about Israel (and Jordan), but rather a TRAVUmentary: documenting a travel experience, to inspire people to travel more
... because traveling is exposure, and exposure is education, and education creates chances.

Here is a first version of my travumentary about Israel (and a bit about Jordan):

Watch here "Sunset in the Middle East"

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