zondag 1 december 2013

The Moon & the Woman

The moon is perhaps the most ancient symbol of the Feminine. The association between the changing phases of the moon, the seasons of the year and the life cycle of woman as virgin, mother and old woman or crone is the foundation of a mythology inspired by the experience of the moon as an image of the unfathomable mystery of life. The triune goddess is one of the earliest images of the divine. 

The moon was the greatest stimulus to the human imagination and a focus for contemplation, helping people to create a relationship with the invisible dimension of life.

~ Ann Baring 


There are so many texts, poems and other literature using the moon as symbol of the Feminine, that it almost seems so pointless to write another text about the connection between this habitant from the sky, and our own body. Until... Last weeks, in my free time, during different train rides, my mind was part of the Budnitz' world of "If I Told You Once". It is a book about 4, maybe even 5, generation of women. The grandmother, Elena, is an amazing story teller, who tells stories as a sort of education, to make the women in the generations after her wiser, so they will not make the same mistakes. If she succeeds, I will not say. It is better to read this book, which tells, in sometimes a metaphorical, sometimes a raw way, more about being a woman. 

(c) Goodreads, one of my favorite sites

They say the fairytales were in their original version more horror stories, full of dark shadows and things I better cannot write public. People talked a lot with each other, told stories, used symbols... to try to explain, try to educate... so why not share all these texts about so primordial stuff like the connection between the moon and the woman. Maybe, one day, like Elena, I will help someone to make her more conscious about the linkage between her energy level, emotions and the moon. 

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