vrijdag 6 december 2013

Song of Silence

Today I was reading about "SHIRDAKS", textile with symbols from nature, from KIRGIZIA. These symbols, stories... are called "the song of silence", because the women from Kirgiza don't need words, just their craft, to transfer stories to the next generation. 

This article inspires me to visit them one day, in the mountains, and "listen" to their songs. Central-Asia seems so interesting, and remote, and beautiful, and full of silence, which I sometimes miss in busy cities (and Flanders is 1 big city). (but I don't need to visit it soon; I like my new job haha)

They are very connected with nature... but I frown my eyebrows when I read a Dutch women exports this to Europe (and beyond). I think there is some ecological footprint in their craft... but I guess I should shut up, because I also leave some footprints by traveling. 

 I like their motive of the circle, with crosses, referring to the wind directions, but the circle referring to the fact you're always home, because wherever you go, you'll always bring yourself... and I think this idea suits nomads like them. Or other travelers, and explorers... or in fact everyone... who is connected.

Source & pictures: http://birgittadevos.nl/portfolio-item/verhalen-in-vilt

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