maandag 4 november 2013

Religion of Traveling, pt 2: What is Jerusalem?

My friend and I stayed for 3 days in Jerusalem, one of the most famous cities in the world. In ten minutes, we'll travel to the Dead Sea region for some hiking and exploring the healing powers of the lowest place on Earth, but first I want to write quickly about this city, which is one of the most intense places I have been. 

stilt from footage from the Western Wall, Jerusalem

So... Jerusalem... how to describe it? It is difficult. The best solution is just to ask you to meet my friend Google. He can give you 1001 different ways to experience Jerusalem. I am very sure. I love a challenge, so I thought about what is Jerusalem for me.

For some people, it is belief, for others it is history and archaeology, for more political involved people Jerusalem will be associated with the Palestinian conflict... 
I see Jerusalem as music for listeners who use more than only their ears. 

One of the most magical moment is when an amazing local young woman was our guide for some hours in the late afternoon, early evening. It was golden hour. We went walking down from Mt. Zion in the direction of the golden mosque. We saw a young man playing guitar for a young girl, on a wall, with Eastern Jerusalem (Arabic part), as a big grey background. We stopped. I made some footage (of course). And then all the lights went on, one for one, in this district, and then the big call for prayer filled the air. It all became one big music piece... all the religions, the beliefs, the colors, the symbols... 

Jerusalem is like a drum circle. You have different people, all with a drum, a message, and they all start to drum with different frequency, and maybe it does not sound right, but then the heart starts to give the rhythm... and then the heart of the circle, not from the individual, makes from all the sounds one melody, all the drums become in harmony, until it like one heart beat. It is amazing to believe that so different people, with different frequencies, habitants, pilgrims our tourists, all make one city. You cannot say you are from Jerusalem. You become part of Jerusalem's heart beat, and when my two friends and I were sitting there, listening to the call of the prayers, I felt I belonged there, in the heart of all these religions.

For me... belief is one of the most powerful tools. It does not have to be belief in a religion, but can also be hope for a better world, or belief in good things. Without belief things become very dark... 

Also, II'll edit all the footage I made, and make a small 4-5minute video, trying to explain how I see Jerusalem, in another way. I decided to choose for handheld, because the impressions are so intense, I feel fluid, shaky and short shots, or following people in alleys... are best representing my feelings of feeling a drop in a wild ocean. 

stilt from footage when walking in the Old Center of Jerusalem

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