zondag 13 oktober 2013

Borders & Elektric shocks

Several years ago, I wanted to participate in an experiment of the university; you got paid very royal for some hours. There were electric shocks involved. Before they could start the experiment, they had to determine my pain treshold. I was too stubborn, maybe too unsure, to know when to say stop, so I let them raise the treshold until I fainted.

Today I told someone about this memory, and then I wondered... how far do you go if you don't know any borders? Until you get lost? Until it is too late? Or is there a pulling factor which has an end?

I have been on the other side of the world, at Cape Reinga in New Zealand. It is a cliff at the coming together of two oceans: according to the Maori legend a male and a female ocean. They call this place the womb of the world; where souls are born, and are also return. Yes, another cycle.

Then I wonder...

If we don't know any borders, do we just walk in cycles?

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