dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

End of the Cinema? - pt1

One of the big guests of the Film Fest is Paul Schrader (he wrote Taxi Driver, Raging Bull...  and directed American Gigolo) to present his newest movie "the Canyons". In the daily e-letter I read that he said that the cinema we know today will end soon. Big cinema's are not so successful anymore (a lot of people watch films on-line, you know, all these troubles), many directors get less money than normal... so crowdfunding and indiefilms are growing in importance. In his speech, or in another speech I read, the importance of film festivals is emphasized to bring more movies in the eye of the greater public.  

Another film I saw -yesterday- has also not so big budget.

"Ain't them Bodies Saints" is a special title. During the director's talk, David Lowery explained he heard his friend performing a typical American folk song, and this was a line. He didn't remember the song, or even don't know he remembered the line very well, but this line got stuck, and became the title of his feature movie. He explained us that he wants his audience to experience this film as a song, and I think he succeeded. This was a picturesque visual poem about love, motherhood and bandits. It is also not made with a lot of money (according to Hollywood standards), but it moves the soul.

stilt from the poster of "Ain't them Bodies Saints" (movie by David Lowery)

In this movie, Ruth (Mara Rooney) and Bob (Casey Affleck, yes, brother of...)  are two young beautiful bandits, who get caught. During the pursuit by the police, Ruth shot a cop, but Bob takes the responsibality and ends up in prison. In the meantime, Bob's father, but also the cop who was shot, take care of the pregnant Ruth...

The pace is dreamy in the beginning, but the end is filled with more action. The landscapes of Texas are beautiful, made even more timeless with the lens flare and the many backlight shots. The relationship between Ruth and Bob is well written: there are only several scenes where both actors are present, but still the whole chemistry is present in the whole movie.

The persons next to me, didn't like the movie. "It was boring". I think it is beautiful, with nice winks to "There will be Blood" by Paul Thomas Anderson. The style also reminds me to Terrence Malick.

This movie is so pure, and this is made without budget. It ends up in film festivals, and I am grateful I had to chance to spend this time to this movie. For me, this is an example of the future of cinema.
Not driven by money, but driven by passion.
 In this world, everyone can become a photographer or cinematographer: youtube can be a better professor than many universities. You pay more money for the paper called diploma than for the studies. Money is not anymore the most important factor. You can do some crowdfunding, find creative solutions to avoid big costs... It is more a matter of time, passion and yes, maybe talent, than knowing the right people. I feel. Everyone can become a film maker, yes, in this social media world, but maybe it is good that every person can visualize their dreams.

You know, David Lowery, the director of "aint them bodies saints", used his money normally for expensive college to pay his own editing and camera tools. Maybe we should invest our money in passion, and not in capitalism?

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