maandag 23 september 2013

The Smell of my Romance

Last Sunday I attented a "cooking with herbs" workshop in Schoten, Belgium. Since my awareness for healthy (bio)food is growing, I feel the need to learn more about the wonders of nature for our belly. Although the class was more made for cooks or gardeners, I learnt some interesting stuff, and already found inspiration what I will plant in my new garden soon. Every magic starts with a seed... 

During a small walk in the "Herb garden" of the Orangerie in Schoten, our workshopleader introduced us (or me, at least) to Aloysia citrodora (Flemish: Citroen verbena), which is a plant with an amazing smell ever. It makes people relaxed, so ideal for busy bees like me. As in the picture in the bottom, you can see you can put it in hot water.  I always think it is like witchcraft: using herbs to influence emotions and the body. I see all people specialized in herbs as small witches. One year ago, I heard I had some link with the old witch from my village, who lived more than 100 years ago. People came even from other countries to get healed by her. She was a good witch, with "white herb magic". 

People, scientists, say that magic doesn't happen... but knowledge of herbs, cooking and influencing people's emotions when they eat a dish so they are happy... is kind of magic, certainly if you know this knowledge is shared by people from Ancient Greece, India, Maya Empire... Even by food you can make people cry. Apparently, rose water is ideal to let people cry, to let them explode all their hidden feelings and release all the weight. This Aloysia let you relax... that is amazing.

People go back more to the roots, to find themselves back, and go also back to the roots of nature to find cures which they don't find in society. Honestly, the smell of herbs is much more pleasant than smells of cars, hospitals, supermarkets... so I hope to smell this soon every time I come home...
I hope everyone can experience this smell of my new romance... I really do :)

tapas made with fish, apples and herbs + cup of warm water with aloysia leaves

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