vrijdag 26 september 2014

My European family

After a splendid ‪#‎AnnualCongress2014‬ in Predeal, an instructing‪#‎transitionmeeting‬ in Bucharest and a fruitful ‪#‎1rstlivemeeting‬ in Utrecht... I am in Antwerp, one of my many homes 
‪#‎Home‬ -for me- is any place where you can find a smile, a hug, inspiration,‪#‎friendship‬, yourself... and in the last 13 days I experienced this a lot. EGEA is a family for already 7 years for me. I met amazing people in my own entity and the rest of Europe and always feel home. That's why I feel really happy and proud that I became board member of our family in this new ‪#‎EGEA‬ year. I believe this 8th year in EGEA, with the other Board Members, RCPS and the RA's, is going to let me feel more home than ever 
Before I go to bed after these 13 busy days, I want to say "THANK YOU" to one person especially, who helped and supported me a lot in the last 4 months (and not only me). She is a lovely person, with an amazing personality, who cares a lot. As Secretary and as Board Member '13-'14 she achieved and did great things, and I am really happy to be her successor, her "padawan", and continue the amazing work she was doing. So, Isabella de Rioja, dankuwel - and may EGEA be with you 
I almost added the picture of us during the last evening of the transition meeting (you know which one ;)), but I decided to go for a sunny picture of us chatting and having fun, while we're part of our family.

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